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Thursday 30 July 2009

Facebook App for TheMillionDollarTagCloud

I have finally finished the TMDTC Facebook App for TheMillionDollarTagCloud.

For those who don't know, TheMillionDollarTagCloud ( aka TMDTC) is my attempt at selling for $1 million worth of tags, and I'll distribute $100.000 if this works out.

To make a chance to win these $100.000, you just need to register and then click on tag, or publish a tagcloud on your own page (like I did on this blog, see right column) and encourage people to click on your tag cloud.

Each click recorded gives one chance to the clicker and to the publisher of the tagcloud on which the click occured to win the 100.000$.

And now, there's one more way to augment your chances at winning these 100.000$: the TMDTC Facebook app, which lets you publish a tagcloud on your Profile, and share it with your friends.

I hope you join and spread the word around. I really want to distribute these 100.000$! :-)