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Thursday 27 August 2009

Nokia N900: I'm not sure I want it

Today Nokia unveiled specs of their next internet tablet: the N900.

No, I still haven't found my PDA-phone, or do they cal that a smart phone nowadays? But I've bought the N810 in the meantime, and that was a big disappointing experience: the addressbook application was horrible. Of course, Nokia calls it an internet tablet, and for a good reason. But sadly Nokia seems to think that an internet tablet is not made to help contact managment.

When you see the N900 page, there's a lot of talk about internet and network technologies, but not a word about contact management or calendar. That a bad sign, and I fear the situation has not improved a lot.

I'll wait a bit more to see how Android phones evolve. They seem to have very interesting stuff going on....

Wednesday 26 August 2009

Jwt and Clojure

I've experimented with Jwt and Clojure, and put my findings on the web at
http://www.nsa.be/index.php/eng/Blog/Using-Jwt-yes-it-s-a-J-with-Clojure. If you're into web development you might be interested!

Wednesday 5 August 2009

Interested in a 100$ gift card at Amazon?

Check here for details. Winner should be know soon. If you wanted to order a book one of these days, it could be a way to get it for free!

Monday 3 August 2009

Tmdtc Interview from this morning

Here is the radio interview (in french) I did this morning:

Sunday 2 August 2009

The Million Dollar TagCloud on the radio

Tomorrow, monday 3 august, I'll give a short interview about TheMillionDollarTagCloud.com on PureFM, a national french-speaking radio. It will be a short interview of about 3 minutes. Even though it is the holyday period, this should give a boost to the project.

If you want to have your tag online before the interview, book it now and I'll put it online in time.