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Monday 30 June 2008

Next Profoss: ERP software

The next Profoss event will talk be about open source ERP software. Here's a list of software I know and that I will possibly contact.
Fabien from OpenERP already expressed his interest. If you have any suggestion or if you can help me get in tough with good speakers about these software, let me know!


Monday 16 June 2008

Planet Profoss launched!

I have finally launched a Planet feed aggregation at http://planet.profoss.eu. I say finally not because it was long and hard to set it up, but because I wonder how did not think of it earlier.

Included in the Planet are blogs and websites that cover professional open source.

Currently in english, I am interested in publishing planets in other languages, especially dutch and french.

If you want to be included, let me know (by mail or leave a comment here). The goal is to only include posts related to professional open source, and avoid any posts unrelated to that subject. It should be achieved easily with the help of tags and categories though.

Wednesday 11 June 2008

Profoss event round up

Yesterday's Profoss event about OpenOffice.org went pretty well: speakers where happy, but above all, attendants were happy of the event. Feedback forms were all positive.

This was the first half-day event organised by Profoss, and the conclusion is that it's a good format. You can expect more of these ;-)

And as always, absent people are wrong. No company sponsored the event, and Sun wasn't even present. So when the question was asked: " Which company can we contact to get help and support in an OOo migration", Machtelt could just name them, but how convincing is that when they're not event at this event?

Microsoft, to the contrary, was represented, and raised some interesting issues to get an interesting debate.

Friday 6 June 2008

Search engines: some interesting stuff this week!

First, there was the wikia search results that became editable. I tested it when announced and it was terribly slow. I tried it again and speed is much better now. But I'm still not a fan....

But now, there's Yahoo's Search gallery, which let you add modules to enhance the results returned. There are quite some modules available enhancing results from Flickr, Firefox addons, LinkedIn profiles, Ruby RDoc, LastFM, etc
Speed seems absolutely OK, and you can even develop your own enhancements.

Let's hope they'll manage to stay independent, as Yahoo is bringing some interesting stuff. And don't forget about YUI, Zimbra, Pipes, Hadoop, ...

Thursday 5 June 2008

Wanna compete with Amazon's EC2?

I just discovered there's open source software available to build such a service and it's called Eucalyptus.

Now all you miss is the datacenter :-)

Monday 2 June 2008

Server alias superfluous IV

A very good one spotted by Serge:

http://www.bebat.be gives you the good websites, but .....
http://bebat.be redirects you to http://www.necho.com/

I wonder what's worse. Rendering a wrong website, or returning an error.... I might go for the error....

Usual reactions to this are "Goe bezig" in dutch, and "Excellent" in french :-D