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Sunday 29 July 2007

Krita: the reconciliation

After the miserable failure of yesterday, I was again forced to use graphics design software and I launched the gimp. It was a very bad start as when I added text to the image I was editing, the text appeared garbled. I went over to Krita. There it worked fine, houray! And I even found the brush! It's hidden behind the broken line icon, the first of the list and tooltiped "Draw freehand".

When I wanted to save it as gif however, it failed. It seems Krita in Ubuntu doesn't have support for GIFs because Krita uses graphicsmagick, a fork of imagemagick that won't be included in Ubuntu anytime soon. Free software is great, but it has its problems too... The solution was to use ImageMacgick's convert. Did you know it's as easy as
convert image.gif image.png


As Krita doesn't have support for animated GIFs, I've had to use the gimp anyway. And I again encountered a problem with the gimp: to be able to specify the delay between 2 frames of the animated GIF, I had first to do a "save as". A simple save didn't do the trick.

Anyway, now the Profoss finally has usable banners. Take a look!

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