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Friday 2 November 2007

Rent-a-terminal disagreement: end of story

As I just received a mail from Rent-a-terminal threatening to take juridical steps against me if I removed their comment on my previous blog post, I think it's better to clarify some things, and definitively close the matter:

- I signed and agreed with their general conditions, and they are covered by these. If it wasn't the case, it is me who could have threatened of juridical actions
- I don't ask for compensation of lost revenue, even thought there have been some......
- I signed a contract wiht Rent-a-Terminal, they work with Taxipost (not De Post as I wrongly described). If something goes wrong, it's normal I complain to the company I signed a contract with., ie Rent-a-Terminal.
- I would have been a happy future customer of Rent-a-Terminal if they just hadn't invoiced the rent and transport costs. See this as a long-term investment

I also invite Rent-a-Terminal to comment further if they wish to further clarify things. I do not delete comments except for spams.

1 comment:

Unknown said...

If this is the same company as http://www.r-a-t.be/, they also win an award for
1) having a 1996 website design
2) having an URL that resembles RATP in French
3) having an URL which resembles 'rat' in dutch

as we say in flemish... "Good busy!" :-)