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Monday 7 January 2008

The importance of Microsoft's presence at Profoss

So today I got the confirmation that Dirk Tombeur from Microsoft will participate in the panel discussion at Profoss titled 'Open or closed source: an open discussion'. I think this is very good news for the event attendance: they'll get several point of views exposed, and will be able to choose the best solution for their environment.

Profoss has never been started to convince people that they should switch to free or open source solution. Profoss was started so that people can make their own informed decision. And when I say informed, I mean "by knowing there are possibly free and open source solutions that are worthy alternatives to closed source proposals that should be taken into account".

With its stated goal to be objective, Profoss will let people compare proprietary software to free/open source software. It's no fun when everybody agree in a room. There's no progress happening. Progress happens with a constructive discussion when people disagree and present alternatives. At least strong and weak points of each party appears in such a debate.

I'm really looking forward to this friendly panel discussion!

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