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Friday 30 May 2008

Are vendors really pushing OpenOffice.org?

The Profoss event on OpenOffice.org is taking place on 10th june, and the final list of speakers and schedule are now available.

Until now, the interest for the event from potential visitors is comparable to other Profoss events organised. But what is different, is the lack of interest from commercial OpenOffice.org proponents to actively support and sponsor this event.

The format of this event is different (one afternoon rather than 2 days), but I don't think this is the explanation.

With Sun being the main OOo contributor and a Profoss partner, I expected interest and active support from them, but only David helped me.

Novell is also a big OOo developer, but I never ever got an answer from them, though the person I contacted was advised to me by Michael Meeks, an OOo developer.

IBM didn't show interest either. Their marketing department seem to be very picky, and more interested in marketing show than really informative events.

Even smaller companies labeled as OOo specialists didn't come back to me.

Luckily, registration numbers are currently similar to other events.

So, what I wonder is: despite all the noise around ODF and OOo, is there real interest from those companies and other FOSS companies to push OpenOffice.org to the enterprise market? Or do they think the majority of companies are not ready for the switch? Or, worse, do they think OOo is not ready for wide adoption in the enterprise?

Lots of questions, let me know if you have answers.....

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