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Monday 9 March 2009

Linkedin problems

The last weeks I've had serious problems to access linkedin: I can't accept group memberships, send invitations, accept invitations, etc: when attempting this, the browser waits and waits and doesn't get any answer from the server. And today I can't even access their homepage:

Very annoying...


Unknown said...

did you solve the problems? I had the same thing, tried everytjhing, here is what finally worked a treat:
went to internet options, security, changed setting for websites to high. went to privacy tab, changed cookie settings to high. linkdin suddenyly worked fine! only problem, had to change it all back to access my gmail!

raphinou said...

LinkedIn support finally told me it was a problem that could be resolved by setting the MTU of my ADSL sonnection, the problem being due to high compression rate of their traffic causing trouble with some routers. The MTU must be set incrementally to a number between 1200 and
1500 until finding the right value.

I didn't investigate it further though as I'm now accessing LinkedIn through a ipip tunnel via my server, and that works fine.

Unknown said...

Yes. It will solved the problem by adjusting the MTU value. I moved down to 1000. it worked.