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Wednesday 22 April 2009

My new professional website

It's been one year now that I started work as self-employed, as you could read on this blog. And now I finally took the time to make a website to present my professional activities: http://www.nsa.be is now my online vitrine.

The content of the website is currently available in english and french, with the dutch version to be finalised next week.

I expect most of my future blog posts about FOSS to be made on the website's blog.

NSA.be is a domain name I've had for years without using it, and those three letters actually have links to what I do: Networking, Software, System Administration, Advising, Support, Solutions, Applications. Yes, I know, I'm not a good salesperson.... Forget about the meaning, just remember the address ;-)


Litrik De Roy said...

Raphael, each page of your new site has "eZ debug" at the bottom. You probably want to disable that ;)

raphinou said...

Hem, should be gone now, thanks for the notice :-)

landrymacario said...

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