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Thursday 27 September 2007

zattoo: legal online TV

Last week-end I was sick. And being sick is the only situation in which I would like to watch TV. As I haven't had TV for years, I was left in the sofa, waiting for the time to pass, and hoping I get better fast.

Well, next time I'm sick there's hope I won't have to sleep all day: Zattoo is available in Belgium and it seems really good. The good surprise is that they have a package for Debian and Ubuntu!!

Things are not perfect: the line-up is still limited (no VRT eg), and the channels available can have some problems (I don't have sound for la une, and I have a lot of frames skipped for la deux).

It seems this is all legal too: they get broadcast licenses in the countries they are available. I've read their business plan is to earn money by advertising displayed when you zap from one channel to another, during the time take to fill the buffer with the new channel's stream.


Anonymous said...

That sound problem was not present the first day of the release. It only appeared yesterday if I can remember correctly.

I'm surprised by the quality with a limited bandwidth. example: While I was downloading some torrents (legal of course) the TV was still OK.

Let's hope the number of channels will raise and the quality of the broadcast will be enough to set it fullscreen on a computer.

raphinou said...

Maybe I'm an easy to satisfy customer, but I put it fullscreen and I found the result satifying :-)