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Tuesday 9 October 2007

Profoss day 1: what happened?

Well, as usual in such organisations, little problems bugged the organisator :-)

Terrible traffic jams delayed the first speaker, who arrived 10 minutes late. Then my laptop he was using for his presentation went into powersafe and refused to send its display to the beamer. It was solved by a restart of X, and by me, replaced by Christophe, moving the mouse cursor every minute....

What's really sad is that the panel discussion I was looking forward to lost the most interesting participants: both Cisco and Avaya pulled out due to their speaker being sick..... It's a real pitty, but Dominique Deckmyn, of our partner IT Professionals, accepted to play the devil's advocate ad bring the arguments of closed source vendors. Thanks Dominique!

About the good news: feedback I got from participants and sponsors was positive, but we'll have to wait tomorrow when we'll distribute the feedback forms to all participants to really get an idea of the global opinion of participants.

Kevin P. Fleming also arrived without problems, and already participates in the panel discussion mentioned above.

All in all a good day!

Looking forward to tomorrow already, and hoping this is the start of a successful series of event!


Anonymous said...

Well I have to say we could have been there if I did not read this like 1 week ago (really way to short notice since we are really busy at the company). Also the site did not get completed on time (there was mention of a price, what was it? Even the week before the event you still had to guess ...)
Some pointer for next time: try with the following: what, where, when (and in this case also: what cost?)

raphinou said...

Hi Ghosty,

I take note of your remarks. The participation costs where given on the registration page, and where of 145€ per day excluding VAT.

Next time don't hesitate to contact me through the contact page on the Profoss website.

Thanks for your interest!