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Wednesday 31 October 2007

rent-a-terminal and get very bad service

For Profoss I had signed a contract with Rent-a-Terminal (RAT below) to get a VISA + Mistercash terminal at the event. This terminal was supposed to be delivered the day before the event, on monday.

As this packet didn't arrive on monday, I called RAT and their attitude was: "we sent it, we don't care anymore. If you need more info, call the post office and request info for this packet number". I did this, but they couldn't give me more info about the delivery date.

At 17:55 I called them back, and they nearly called me dumb to loose time on the phone with them rather than phone De Post (where they didn't answer anymore at that time). I asked if they could change the delivery address to the event location, but the answer was that they don't deliver to events. Yeah, I see, but I was supposed to get it the day before....

Yesterday I got an invoice from them of 105.5 euros, of which 49 euros are VISA costs, and 4 € testing costs. On the renting cost (70€) and transport costs (35€), they give me a reduction of 50%. Great!

The best thing is that you need to pay a warranty of 1000€, and you get is back when you return the terminal. Well, this invoice amount has been deducted of the 1000€ and I got exactly 872,35€.

I really hate companies that don't take their responsabilities. Of course they are covered by their general conditions. This shouldn't prevent companies to act responsibly. I signed a contract with them, I received none of their service, how comes I still have to pay 50% of the service?

You may be sure I won't work with them anymore, and that I'll discourage people to work with them, starting with this blog post.

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Anonymous said...

Reaction from Rent-a-Terminal Belgium : Your reaction is completly wrong !

You have signed for degree with or General Conditions. Nobody can see here our General Conditions!Please before you give a comment,publisch also the General Conditions than you can give a opinion so every one can read your agreement between you and Rent-a-Terminal Belgium.

The direction of Rent-a-Terminal Belgium