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Tuesday 8 April 2008

Google Appengine: a great opportunity for MyOwnDB?

Google launched their AppEngine, a platform to build web applications easily, with automatic scaling as a benefit from the limitations put on the available features. For example, the storage engine is a schemaless database based on BigTable. Kind of like Amazon's SimpleDB or CouchDB. But what if you need an information storage letting you define a structure and schema?

You can't install mysql locally, and outbound communications can only happen through the email api or the url fetch api...

Enter MyOwnDB. With the REST API we will provide shortly, you'll be able to use MyOwnDB as your data store from within AppEngine applications. Communication from AppEngine to the outside can happen through the URL fetch API provided, supporting GET, POST, HEAD, PUT and DELETE. Exactly what's needed to fully enjoy our upcoming REST API!

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