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Saturday 19 April 2008

Profoss directories launch!

I've been so busy I didn't blog for too long. It's not that I haven't anything to report: BarCamp Gent was great, MyOwnDB is progressing well, Profoss OpenOffice.org in june was announced, I was without internet 2 work days (and that's really a PITA!), etc...

But what I wanted to report in this post is that I've just launched the Profoss Directories (currently mostly in french, see why below) with 2 categories: Professionals listing companies and freelance specialising in FOSS, and Software, listing FOSS commonly used in professional environments.

I'm still looking to complete these 2 categories and you can help in two ways:
  1. Let me know what (your company?) I should add in which category
  2. Help me maintain and translate the entries in these categories
I'm also interested in your feedback!

And the reason it's mostly in french: these directories will be (I was told so at least) referenced in an article in L'echo. This has accelerated things and I have had to concentrate on the french version, corresponding to the audience of the newspaper.

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