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Wednesday 11 June 2008

Profoss event round up

Yesterday's Profoss event about OpenOffice.org went pretty well: speakers where happy, but above all, attendants were happy of the event. Feedback forms were all positive.

This was the first half-day event organised by Profoss, and the conclusion is that it's a good format. You can expect more of these ;-)

And as always, absent people are wrong. No company sponsored the event, and Sun wasn't even present. So when the question was asked: " Which company can we contact to get help and support in an OOo migration", Machtelt could just name them, but how convincing is that when they're not event at this event?

Microsoft, to the contrary, was represented, and raised some interesting issues to get an interesting debate.


Unknown said...

From the viewpoint of someone that is organizing an event, a lack of sponsors must be annoying. However, linking the absence at a small event to the quality of a company is IMHO way out of line.

raphinou said...

Hi Matt,

Note that I'm not talking about the quality of the companies.

I think however this is an indication of the state of the open source office suites market, and the interest of commercial entities to commit resources to it. Which is a pitty, more than not getting any sponsoring ;-)