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Monday 30 June 2008

Next Profoss: ERP software

The next Profoss event will talk be about open source ERP software. Here's a list of software I know and that I will possibly contact.
Fabien from OpenERP already expressed his interest. If you have any suggestion or if you can help me get in tough with good speakers about these software, let me know!



Anonymous said...


Goanookie said...

Hm I would not consider Compiere to be Open Source, just because Compiere depends on Oracle which is not exactly free and open.

The developers from the Compiere community left in september 2006 and started with ADempiere, because their contributions were ignored by Compiere Inc.

Jorge Janke did a great job with writing Compiere, credit where credit is due. But ADempiere moved on, total database independency is still a dream but at least ADempiere runs fine on Postgres.

Clara A. Harris said...

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