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Tuesday 14 August 2007

Continued learning online

Google Code for Educators has some course material as well as videos, with for example Ajax tutorials and Distributed Systems tutorials. This last contains an Introduction to MapReduce, which I already mentioned on this blog.

With YUI's Theater and Google's Googleplex videos, there's really interesting online material to keep you up to date, and learn new stuff.

Back to MapReduce: I again (second time only though ;-) read the paper "Why functional programming matters", and it motivates me, again, to learn a functional language, and Lisp to begin with. I've read Practical Common Lisp during last year's holydays, and the watch Googleplex' Lisp video, but never got to practice. And it won't be for this year though, as I first want to progress in my reading of "The Art of Computer Programming".

It's so frustrating: there's so much I want to learn! It's hard to make a choice. The good thing though is that I'm not bored :-)

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