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Saturday 11 August 2007

Firefox: the next step

Remember the time when many doubted Firefox would reach 10% market share? It's been some time now that Firefox reached and surpassed this level, and the evolution of the project makes it look to the next step: improve rentention rates (this is the percentage of people downloading Firefox actually continuing to use it). This retention rate is suprising low, at about 25%, and a new plan is in the works to improve this retention rate.

I was actually surprised at this low retention rate. I thought people downloading Firefox were already convinced that it was needed to switch, which would have given a higher retention rate than 25%(only 1 in 4!).

I haven't seen documentation about their methodology to get this 25% figure. It would be an interesting read.

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Paul Cobbaut said...


i teach, and often get a classroom without firefox installed. So i download, and so do some students. At the end of the week, all pc's are formatted for the next training.