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Saturday 23 February 2008

FOSDEM: feels like home

Today was FOSDEM. I thought I would be able to see people do the FOSDEM Dance, but that didnt work out at Philip and the team called me on stage to join them in this tradition. Here's a picture:

They made me really laugh with this slide (zoom in to read the text):

I'm happy the organisation team keeps this humor in the event. A big thanks to them! It makes leaving much easier.

As other years, lots of people showed up as can be seen on this photos of the Janson, were the keynotes were held:

I volunteered to take photos this year, and I've taken 187 photos today. I'll upload them in the coming days.

I had a great day. I saw people I appreciate a lot but nearly don't see anymore, and I also saw people I meet only at FOSDEM such as Bruce Momjian, Peter Saint-Andre, Matthias Brossard, people from the Namur Lug, the Jabber booth staff, Mozilla people, etc, etc

It really felt like home.

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