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Sunday 17 February 2008

Microsoft-Yahoo: what's the real motivation

Since it was announced, I found Microsoft's offer to acquire Yahoo rather strange. What a headache the integration of 2 different cultures would be.

Multiple explanations were proposed. One even said Ms wants to become more open source oriented thanks to the Yahoo acquisition, which I really don't believe.

The best I read until now is Robert X. Cringely's friday column. What if Microsoft didn't really want to acquire Yahoo? What if it was only maneuvering?

And this maneuver has some impact already: I wanted to standardize on YUI for the next release of Myowndb, but I'm not sure it's a good long-term solution. YUI is really a gem, but I don't think Ms would keep that level of quality. It would be more tempted to make it dependent on Silverlight..... And I don't think I'm the only one with these doubts.

Also, what of Zimbra? I did never test it until now, and certainly won't because I imagine this would be one of the first casualties if Microsoft acquires Yahoo.

Also, Would a Microsoft-owned Yahoo still support Hadoop development? Would Yahoo still support multiple a-graded browsers?

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