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Monday, 31 March 2008

First training day... as a trainer

Today was the first day of the training about "Mastering Unix shell scripting" that I'm giving for Zeropoint.it. As a lot of fellow FOSS people, I've learned a lot by myself and I have only followed a couple of trainings, so I can't say a lot of things like "it's strange to be on the other side".

What I find the strangest thing however is to be considered the specialist. I've never considered myself a specialist, as I prefer to learn a lot of different things. A trainer however is by definition the specialist in the room, and I hope I've made honour to that title :-)

It's hard to evaluate my performance though as it's really really hard to have interaction with the attendants. It's as if they don't dare to ask a question during the class. I've made sure however they understood what was taught today and I answered all questions that surfaced along the day. I hope I'll get to know the content of their anonymous feedback form at the end of the training!

I really enjoyed it, so thanks Bart for giving me this opportunity. I could even start to think to prepare trainings I would love to give. For example about "Mastering vim". Any takers?

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