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Thursday 13 March 2008

Which professional insurance?

Today was another milestone in my transition to freelance: I resigned from my position at Easynet. There's no turning back now!

And I need to look for a professional insurance. Imagine I'm at a customer premises, and I step on one of these power block with a power switch and I stop the central server, that doesn't want to boot up again, leading to losses for this customer.

Or there's data loss in the course of my project (this being my fault or not). Or a config change corrupts a database leading to 2 hours downtime. I'd like to be covered by an insurance. But what should I pay attention to? And how much does it cost? What do such insurances costs?

I'll have to look around, but any advice is welcome of course!


Peter Vandenabeele said...

The only one for IT consulting etc. that I am aware off, is from Fortis IIRC), costs 0.775% of your yearly revenue with a minimum of 775 EURO (that is 0.775% of 100K). It includes Burgerlijke Aansprakelijkheid, but also certain forms of "beroepsfout" which is difficult to find. I can point you to the insurance brooker that advised me on this.

Anonymous said...

I have one from AIG Europe for "Beroepsaansprakelijkheid" and "BA uitbating". €1250 + taxes in my case. They did not ask for my revenue, but I had to provide info about my activities, past experience etc...
I got mine through a KBC insurance agency (KBC => ADD => AIG). Maybe there's a shorter path too. :-)

Josh M. said...

Have your guys tried any web-based insurance quote companies?

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Constructaquote.com differs to other insurance websites in that it offers true online comparison. We bring together the insurance products relevant to you and your business, so that you can arrange all the commercial policies you require in one place.

The products on offer from their partners are varied, ranging from public indemnity insurance and employer liability insurance, to insurance cover for your plant & material, van insurance and goods in transit. The simple search facility makes it easy for you to combine any number of policies to meet all of your insurance requirements.

I think this is a good and legit online insurance company to get insurance quote from.

Good luck!

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