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Wednesday 16 July 2008

Potverdekke, it's a shame to be a belgian

An economic crisis is looming, a financial crisis could be coming, more and more people have difficulties to pay for all their daily costs, the petrol price is sky rocketing.

And what happens in Belgium? The government falls on communautaire problems.

Shame on you, belgian politicians!


Anonymous said...

I will continue to point and laugh at anyone with these silly separatist notions. In fact, I think those separatists should be deported, preferably to Congo. After all, it seems like the racist parties and the separatist parties are mostly the same. Two birds, one stone.

People are well and truly stupid to make up problems where there are none.

Unknown said...

Bram, it's very fortunate then that only a tiny minority is comprised of such people, that the large Flemish parties are not in favor of separation AND that this was never the plan from the beginning either. Just because they air a TV show in the South people think this is actually a possibility? Get real.

Another reality check: prices are going up all over the world and economic prospects are down ALL OVER THE WORLD as well. (sending this message from FL, USA, I can tell) When I hear people from PS, VLD, MR, etc tell us that they want to do something about it, I almost have to puke because you can't do anything about it.
Telling people otherwise is more than intellectually dishonest.

Dag Wieers said...

Raphael, what you call "communautaire problems" is for many people related to economic and social solutions and future.

Besides, if this government is not capable of solving these problems, why do you think they will have an impact on the world economy anyway ?

The past government is equally to blame for ignoring the problem and shoving it to this one.