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Tuesday 8 July 2008

version 0.4 of YUI slideshow

I had developed this YUI-based slideshow to use it on the MyOwnDB.com page, and published the code in 2006, already 2 years ago. It's been used by some people, but none had feature requests, until yesterday :-)

So today I added a back button. "Wow, that's a feature!" I hear you say.
Well, the slideshow was meant to be non-interactive in the first place: you give it images, html, divs to rotate and it'll do it for you automatically. So it was not in the normal workflow of the slideshow to have a back button.

Anyway, I added it and that was enough for making a new release: version 0.4 is out!


Anonymous said...

please could you check links for the slideshow (demo etc). All links are broken.


raphinou said...

code has not been maintained and is deprecated. Sorry.