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Thursday 27 August 2009

Nokia N900: I'm not sure I want it

Today Nokia unveiled specs of their next internet tablet: the N900.

No, I still haven't found my PDA-phone, or do they cal that a smart phone nowadays? But I've bought the N810 in the meantime, and that was a big disappointing experience: the addressbook application was horrible. Of course, Nokia calls it an internet tablet, and for a good reason. But sadly Nokia seems to think that an internet tablet is not made to help contact managment.

When you see the N900 page, there's a lot of talk about internet and network technologies, but not a word about contact management or calendar. That a bad sign, and I fear the situation has not improved a lot.

I'll wait a bit more to see how Android phones evolve. They seem to have very interesting stuff going on....


Anonymous said...

I recently bought the HTC Hero and am happy with it.

Cano said...

The contacts application / integration on the n900 is actually really fantastic - easy combination of contacts across multiple IM providers, for example.

quintonajaeschke said...

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